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MTB Coaching & Guided Tours

If you want to book us for personal MTB coaching or guiding, give us a call and we can cater to you and your needs. 

How about a family MTB coaching session or guided tour in our beautiful backyard? 

Do you want a team building day learning new skills?

Give us a call!

Prices will depend on group sizes, length of tour and needs.

Ladies Beginners Mountain Bike Course

 Mountain Bike Courses
Ladies CAN ride!
This course is designed to introduce ladies to the basics of Mountain Biking, in a safe and comfortable environment.
Day 1 will be based out of Wheel Life Cyclery in Okotoks. We will be focusing on building rider confidence and basic bike handling skills. Techniques such as proper braking, gear changing, slow speed handling, climbing hills, cornering, and navigating obstacles will all be covered. Additionally, we will be covering basic bike set-up and maintenance.
Day 2 will be a guided group trail ride in Fish Creek Park. Here everyone will get to take their new skills from Day 1, and put them into practice.
While both days will contain reasonable amounts of physical activity, the emphasis is really on just getting out, learning new skills, becoming more comfortable on your bike, and most importantly, having fun! Our goal is that everyone smiles so much that their cheeks will be the muscles that ache the most!

Price $240.00 per person 

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Take it to the Trails

A full day being guided in West Bragg Creek, probably the most popular and fun riding in the Calgary area. 

Our Professional Mountain Bike Instructors Association (PMBIA) qualified instructors know this area really well and spend most of our summer riding here. We will  take you out on this amazing singletrack and stop regularly to give on trail instruction based on PMBIA principles to help improve your riding and get the most out of your summer and beyond. 

You will need to be familiar with how to ride your bike, and work the gears and brakes, to be able to get the most out of this course but you don't have to be an experienced rider either.

$120 per person

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

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Official Partners



We have partnered with Chris and Mark at Wheellife Cyclery who will be able to help with all things mechanical, advice on bikes, parts, repairs, equipment, and accessories.

The first day of the beginners course will be hosted by the shop and begins with some great advice from the guys on how to fix basic mechanical problems and any other questions you might have.

Great guys who want to help you keep riding safely and on fantastic bikes!

What you'll need

What do I need?

A Mountain Bike that is in good working order.

A Canadian Standards Approved Bike  Helmet

Clothing suitable for riding in cold weather. Easiest way to describe this is gear for high energy activity in cold weather but contact us for advice ahead of time.

Cycling gloves, because nobody likes sore hands.

A backpack with enough room for some of your layers, snacks, spares etc etc.


If you have questions please get in touch and we'll do our utmost to get back to you with an answer but here's one or two we thought of.

How fit do I need to be?

Our guided rides are "no drop" meaning we will always wait for the slowest rider and will always have a guide at the back of the group for safety.

Where will we ride?

Our beginners courses will take place on the recently built trails in Okotoks on the Saturday and then putting your new skills into practice at Fish Creek Provincial Park on Sunday.

Our "Take it to the Trails" course will be held at West Bragg Creek. We will use some of the quieter trails for teaching but take in some of the more popular trails later in the day.

Our Instructors


Sally is a PMBIA qualified instructor and has been mountain biking for about 10 years Sally is also LEBA (Law Enforcement Bicycle Association) trained. She is also a qualified AFLCA fitness instructor, and has current Advanced Wilderness First Aid.

Sally has a passion for helping people, particularly ladies reach their full potential and loves pink bikes!

She is also an Ironman finisher, Xterra Athlete, MTB and Cyclocross Racer.


Jason is a PMBIA instructor and guide, He also has Advanced Wilderness First Aid as well as Avalanche Skills Training level 1. He's been riding mountain bikes since the mid 80's and before things like suspension were invented.

He's even recently expanded his love of baggy shorts to the sleekness of lycra, and admitting to liking the road riding!

He loves competing in events like Xterra and Cyclocross, and is great motivator and encourager to others getting into biking!


Gerry is a PMBIA certified MTB instructor. We're not quite sure how long he's been riding mountain bikes but we think it's been a long time.

Gerry is also LEBA trained, has Advanced Wilderness First Aid, and has a long background in coaching and development.   

He's a fantastic guy who will help and encourage you to build your skills and confidence. 

If you can tell Jason and Gerry apart - its by the color of their bikes!