Biking Through The Winter

We are now ready to take bookings for Guided Fatbike rides and instruction!

Just getting into Fat Bikes? Our three instructors have 11 years of winter Fat Biking experience between them and can help with advice, instruction, and guiding.

Need a rental Fat Bike? We can point you in the right direction and hope to have favorable rates coming soon.

Just bought a Fat Bike and wondering where to ride and how to get the most out of your new wheels? Look no further.

Watch this space for specific dates for guided rides and instruction, but we can private and small group bookings right now.

We can guide in most locations in Southern Alberta and beyond.

A safe experience is our number one priority so all our guides are PMBIA certified, have Advanced Wilderness 1st Aid, and Jason also has Avalanche Skills Training Level 1

Other services

We also offer one to one and small group lessons,  as well as guided rides for  beginner & intermediate riders. 

Does your little one want to 'get on their bike' too? Let us teach them for you and save you the hassle. 

We run regular beginner and intermediate rider courses during the spring and summer before switching to winter Fat Bike Riding.

We also offer support and encouragement for Mountain and Fat Bike Riders looking to get into racing. All three of our instructors have numerous races under their belts (and a handful of podium finishes too)

Please contact us for details and pricing.

More info

Official Partners

We have partnered with Chris and Mark at Wheellife Cyclery who will be able to help with all things mechanical, advice on bikes, parts, repairs, equipment, and accessories.

Wheel Life is one of the original Fat Bike dealers in the Calgary area and has years of experience with fat Bikes. They also stock a huge selection of Fat Bikes from Kona, Rocky Mountain, Salsa, Surly and many other brands. They also stock all the accessories you'll need to get you up and running for the winter.

Great guys who want to help you keep riding safely and on fantastic bikes!

We are also proud to be supporting Grizzly Mountain Events. All participants for our courses will be eligible for a discount entry for the Grizzly Fatbike event on February 18th 2018

What you'll need

What do I need?

A Fat Bike that is in good working order. A Fat Bike is defined as a Mountain Bike with tires wider than 3.8"

A Canadian Standards Approved Bike or Ski Helmet and something to keep your head warm underneath it.

Clothing suitable for riding in cold weather. Easiest way to describe this is gear for high energy activity in cold weather but contact us for advice ahead of time.

Warm Cycling Shoes or Boots (Big Sorrells will likely not work but some of our friends have done well with Solomon winter boots).

Warm Gloves that will still allow you to operate the controls on your bike. Sally, for example, uses Snowmobile gloves. We can also lend out Bar Mitts.

A backpack with enough room for some of your layers, snacks, spares etc etc. As the ride goes on you may want to strip down a layer. Having somewhere to put it may help.


If you have questions please get in touch and we'll do our utmost to get back to you with an answer but here's one or two we thought of.

How cold will we ride down to?

We will ride down to -20 degrees C with the windchill. We can go lower but only if the riders have kit deemed suitable by the instructors. Jason and Gerry have been out riding as low as -30 degrees without any problems.

How fit do I need to be?

Our guided rides are "no drop" meaning we will always wait for the slowest rider and will always have a guide at the back of the group for safety. Fat Biking isn't really fast biking so the pace will always be fairly leisurely. That being said you should be comfortable with being able to ride a regular Mountain Bike off road for about 2 hours or roughly 15 Kilometers

What if i don't have a Fat Bike and want to try it?

There are a few places near Calgary that rent Fat Bikes. We are currently negotiating favorable rates for our clients. Contact us for details.

Where will we ride?

For private and small group rides let us know where you'd like to ride or let us know what you are looking for and we can suggest some of our favorite places. We will soon be publishing dates for group rides in places we think our clients will enjoy.

Our Instructors


Sally is a PMBIA qualified instructor and has been mountain biking for about 10 years Sally is also LEBA (Law Enforcement Bicycle Association) trained. She is also a qualified AFLCA fitness instructor, and has current Advanced Wilderness First Aid.

Sally has a passion for helping people, particularly ladies reach their full potential and loves pink bikes!

She is also an Ironman finisher, Xterra Athlete, MTB and Cyclocross Racer.


Jason is a PMBIA instructor and guide, He also has Advanced Wilderness First Aid as well as Avalanche Skills Training level 1. He's been riding mountain bikes since the mid 80's and before things like suspension were invented and has been Fat Biking for 4 winters.

He's even recently expanded his love of baggy shorts to the sleekness of lycra, and admitting to liking the road riding!

He loves competing in events like Xterra and Cyclocross, and is great motivator and encourager to others getting into biking!


Gerry is a PMBIA certified MTB instructor. We're not quite sure how long he's been riding mountain bikes but we think it's been a long time.

Gerry is also LEBA trained, has Advanced Wilderness First Aid, and has a long background in coaching and development.   

He's a fantastic guy who will help and encourage you to build your skills and confidence. 

If you can tell Jason and Gerry apart - its by the color of their bikes!